Get To Know Me - Seven Lifestyle Facts!

Hi Guys!! My name is Julia and this is my first blog post for Mitchell LIFESTYLE. I borrowed a few questions from an Ashley North Interview. I’m obsessed with her style and the interview did have some great questions. So, why not start with a good Q&A and let this adventure become what it will.

Daily Wellness Practice: I try to drink as much water as possible. I also do a daily check-in with myself making sure I’m doing okay mentally because that’s where it starts!  

On Being an Entrepreneur:  It’s the most rewarding and hardest job I’ve ever had. Right now I am every part of my company from answering emails to providing the services in home and everything in between. Starting this year I gave myself “office hours” and it’s been life changing. I feel less overwhelmed with day to day operations.

Things That Inspire You: As a creative I’m inspired by movement, colors, travel and feelings. 

People Who Inspire You: My group of close friends inspire me to consistently get my shit together and keep it together and Oprah because duh. 

Work Passions: Sleep training and educating families! I’ve always been able to get babies to go to sleep with little to no effort so my ah ha moment was when I decided to strictly work with newborns and I took a deep dive into all the different methods of sleep training and the meaning behind them all. I’m well educated on each method and I use different ones during care depending on the baby and how they respond to sleep cues. 

Long Term Goals: I am working on growing my company and offering more in home services for new and seasoned parents. Also want to grow my lifestyle blog. I’m a bit shy & private when it comes to sharing my personal likes and life but is 2019 so life is all about growth!


Julia Mitchell